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Endosphere Therapy system Microvibration system Endosphere Therapy system Microvibration system

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Endosphere Therapy system Microvibration system

Endosphere Therapy


Cellulite Reduction

Body Toning

Skin Tightening

Enhanced Muscle Definition

Improved Complexion

Pain Reduction

Increased lymphatic drainage

Endosphères Therapy is a technology that uses Compressive Microvibration system, a treatment that, through a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres, generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations. This acts on improving local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reducing the appearance of cellulite. The treatment can be performed on the whole body and face.


Cellulite Reduction

The push pull action aids to tone the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.


Lymphatic Drainage

Activates the lymphatic system and eliminates toxins 


Improved Complexion

Improves local blood circulation and nourishes tissues 


Pain Relief

Improves tissue oxygenation and relieves minor muscles aches and pains


Muscle Toning

The Vibration stimulates the muscles,improve body tone

Product name

Endosphères Microvibration System

Speed of body handle


Speed of face handle


Vibration Frequency


Touch Screen

10.4 inch LCD

Electrical Feature


Package Size


Gross Weight